A mix of several classic retro games with some modern touches.

All you have to do is get back to the surface!

Full pixel graphics, coded to look as if it's running on a Commodore Amiga.

Development log


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Quick and fun to play, with an awesome presentation.

Charming, well programmed and surprising fun :)

If you want to improve the scaleline effect, try to almost double the brightness for it.

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Thanks man! Was not sure if anyone would even notice it, it's my first game I've posted here.

I am working on a few updates to the monitor surround, it's a good place to hide cheats too ;) I'll try to improve the scanlines like you suggested, cheers!

Time to take a look at your games!

Maybe my best is Cannonbuzzle, now is downloadable (I was waiting for some Kodu's fixes, but seems it take some time). So at the moment the keyboard movement is slower than gamepad, the cannon could need some game restarts to match alignment, and the balls collisions are not very accurate. Anyway it's fun even as it is, believe me! :)